Buy Mandate essentially is a consultancy on which acquisition has more potential of success in the terms desired by the buyer. An investment banker or mandate advisor draws out the requirements of the buyer and analyses the target that suits the goals. The clients are usually private equity firms with a general investment approach or financial buyers looking for new avenues for diversifying their profile. Acquisition of any firm has multiple steps, and it is always better to have credible advice in such significant matters. The primary stages of work include:

  • Target identification by thorough market research encompassing all local factors.
  • Target assessment to inspect the financial performance and existing management team.
  • The Valuation and counting of assets determine the empirical and comparative cost of the industry items.
  • Structuring of data and letter of intent ensures that the buyer interprets and presents its official statements well.
  • Closing is the final part of the acquisition, coordinating the work of accountants, taxpayers, etc.
  • Buy Mandate works alongside the buyer during the whole process to secure smooth management of the buying process.

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    When does a Business need a Buy Mandate?

    It mainly depends upon the acquisition scale in question; if the property is relatively small and accessible, then the buy mandate is required for less time. These dialogues are complex, and a mandate is necessary to assess the competitive landscape. This is done to find alternative scenarios, threats, and risks and prepare the investor. The opening statement itself often involves the employment of a third party for even the conduct of negotiations.

    For a buyer, it plays yet another role of informing about local issues. For instance, if the buyer belongs to Maharashtra and wishes to invest in Assam’s tea business. In this case, several factors will have to be considered, first the geographical conditions of the region as it is essential in agriculture. The local water supply issues for irrigation and inspection of current infrastructure to gauge whether it needs to be replaced or to what extent it can be reused. This research can be conducted with a more effective methodology if a buy mandate is employed for the purpose.

    What are the Legal Conditions of Buy Mandate Services?

    There are specific general terms and conditions in a buy mandate to ensure that all the sensitive data pertaining to both companies is protected.

    • The scope covers future legal relationships with the clients. Deviations from the same are subject to written confirmation signed by both parties to be deemed valid.
    • The advice of the buy mandate is based on correct statistical data and calculated conditions; it cannot be held as a guarantee for a fixed financial change.
    • Buy Mandate can file appeals and legal remedies with the permission of the client.
    • During the professional work, buy Mandate has access to various documents of the investor and property, which it would not use for any malicious purposes whatsoever.

    How does BSP Freedo help?

    “BSP Freedo” has professional financial advisors to assist the acquisition process so that the buyer does not miss out on essential points in such a critical decision. The settlement here directly affects growth, expansion of project lines, and market share.

    Understanding the sell/ investment/ acquisition or merger criteria, including different offerings of products, human capital quality, size, business, etc., required for an ideal target company through other sessions with the management team.

    The conclusion drawn from the briefing session, BSP Freedo will process in-depth economic, organizational, and market-specific checks and remove a list of the potential targets that will suit the Sell/acquisition or investment criteria as instructed by the client.

    Approaches shall be undertaken for each shortlisted target from the top management levels to settle and negotiate the broad parameters of the value chain partnership. BSP Freedo will not disclose any identity of the client two any type of shortlisted target on this a confidentiality agreement is signed with BSP Freedo.

    Carrying the weights and other grades against each shortlisted target for clients’ managerial activities to pick up final targets.

    Facilitate operational and legal due diligence once the non-binding letter of interest has been exchanged between the client and the target.

    Negotiate between the client and the target company until the agreement in principle has been reached, and the acquisition agreement’s final signature is done.