Do you want to sell your business? It could be for one of any number of reasons, you could have a better business idea, be too old to continue managing it, health is not cooperative, financial difficulties, you no longer have the time for it, or you’re moving.


Selling a business takes longer than selling a house or commercial building, and it could take you anywhere between six months and one year. It’s not just time-consuming but could prove to be highly stressful both emotionally and physically.


Here’s where a sale mandate can help you. A sale mandate is when you give us the rights to sell your business. The declaration mentions the duration, the sale price, the amount to be paid at sale, and the conditions for terminations. You would be entrusting ‘the Company’ to make the sale in your name and would take the burden off you.

When does a Business need a Buy Mandate?

You need a plan to start a new business, and also to exit from it. The Company shall help you with the latter. Our company will evaluate your business to understand the demand and your requirements to set the correct value for the business. We have an extensive database that experts will consult to check for buyers and contact them with business proposals.

We are committed to providing you with the best solutions. Our role would be that of a conciliator, and we identify potential buyers and negotiate on your behalf to obtain optimum price.

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    Legal conditions to sell a business

    A sale mandate will give the company the right to approach prospective buyers with the intent to sell your business. The parties’ identity, the company’s description, the price, and remuneration for the duration of the mandate will be mentioned clearly in the contracts if the company fail to sell the business at the end of the course of the mandate, you are not mandated to renew the sale mandate. You can choose to continue our partnership or end it.

    How does BSP Freedo Help?

    The process starts with communication between BSP Freedo and your management team. The briefing would focus on the sell/divestment/acquisition/merger criteria, including product offerings /capabilities, quality of human capital, and qualities of an ideal target company. The knowledge gained would go into defining a detailed and focused search profile.

    Based on the briefing session, an in-depth economic, organizational, and market-specific scrutiny will be carried out to draw up a ‘target list’ with clients meeting the criteria set by the client. The list will then be discussed with you for further narrowing down.

    Top management from each of the shortlisted targets will be approached with specific agenda. Their willingness to discuss and negotiate will help generate a possible value-chain partnership. Your identity will be kept secret from the shortlisted targets until they agree to sign confidentiality agreements and discuss the deal further. Mutual presentations and any other relevant information will be shared at this stage, but carefully balancing the interests and intentions of the client.

    Sell mandate team prepares an Ideal target profile, which will carry weights and other grades against each shortlisted target for your management to pick up the final target. BSP Freedo will arrange for your operational team to visit the selected target companies and vice-versa. We will also arrange management presentations from the target companies to choose the ideal target, subject of course, to the operational, financial, and legal due diligence.

    If requested, BSP Freedo team expert will conduct the valuation and facilitate/participate in financial/operational and legal due diligence once a non-binding Letter of Interest has been exchanged between the target and the client.

    We will continue to lead negotiations between you and the target company until an agreement is brokered between the two. BSP Freedo continues to be with you until the acquisition agreement’s final signature or the transaction’s closing.