Do you have a brilliant start-up idea? Are you aiming to get its operations up and running? To make your goals come true, you require financial resources in addition to a viable plan. Growth with little or no outside help is very hard. Not many of us have ready access to the enormous financial resources necessary to kick start a business. A large majority of successful start-ups had to raise external funding. Investors invest cash in a promising company in exchange for either partial ownership or equity of the company.

Angel investors and Venture capitalists are high net-worth individuals who provide the financial backing your start-up would need. The funds are usually a one-time investment to help your business take off on the trajectory you envisioned for it. It is enough to carry you through the difficult starting stages.

Why does a business need these services?

Finding investors to invest in your idea is a challenge. Getting the right people to pause long enough to hear your concept requires strong connections with them. Most times, people only know a few people with enough cash to invest in new and coming ideas. However, for finding the right investor, you need to look beyond the people in your connections.

WE help connect you to a large number of angel investors and VCs. From here, it’s a matter of finding the right balance between you and the investor that best meets your needs.

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    Legal Conditions behind this service

    One of the first steps of starting a business is establishing a business structure and a founder’s agreement. The nature and type of your business need to be declared with the concerned authority. It would be best if you also incorporated the company as the most appropriate business type. It could be a sole proprietorship, private limited, limited liability partnership, or simply a partnership. To do so, you need an in-depth understanding of the liability you and your business partners would have.

    Following the registration, there is a legal web of licenses that need to be tackled. Licenses are integral to running businesses, and WE help you apply for the necessary licenses. Another critical step is figuring out the taxation and accounting laws. When laying down the foundation for your company, you should ensure adherence to labour laws. A nuanced understanding of the same is necessary.

    How do BSP Freedo (WE) help provide this service?

    WE at BSP Freedo help you and your Business to go and grow higher in both quality and quantity, by assisting  some  emulated  ways of Jaint startups, that stand alone in taking  maximum  Market today. The Listed ways are:

    WE connect you to multiple possible sources of raising capital. It includes opportunities like Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, among other funding sources. WE also guide you on building a successful crowdfunding campaign if that is your choice and the most suitable funding option for you. Additionally, WE provide you with solutions for any challenges that come up in the process.

    WE guide you through the steps of funding your start-up.

    Employing WE services will increase your chances of getting funding. WE introduce you to investors, help ensure the best presentation of your idea and current position.

    WE have the best review team consisting of professional business plan decks and financial forecast consultants who have experience in this domain, along with some of the top investors who give feedback for you to improve.

    WE recommend the appropriate and optimum amount of money you will need to get profitable results from your venture. WE continue to provide support and guidance on how it should be invested. WE help find the best and most effective ways to find investors in your specific industry and stage.

    WE advise you on the equity share you offer to the investor based on your received funding. This is where start-ups often go wrong. Giving away too significant a stake in your business to the investor is a mistake that is hard to recover from. WE help by guiding you through the ins and outs and ensure the optimal amount is assigned.

    Additionally, WE also provide support on your business’s scaling and growth trajectory once the funding is received. Having a solid plan is a necessity to achieve your full potential.